Celebrating Life Relationships


“Rejoice with the wife
of your youth”

Proverbs 5:18

Promises to Keep

~ Fine Tuning Your Marriage ~


bride_and_groom_5Christ Church
Wednesday Night Class

September 2 - December 9, 2009

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Meeting in room #125


    This class explore topics that will help bring encouragement, understanding, enlightenment and skills to better “keep our marriage promises,” always with the Word of God in scripture as our foundation stone.

    Time will be given for discussion and sharing. This will be an opportunity to build relationships and make friends.


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Donn & Joy Moehlenpah
Marriage Coaches

Celebrating Marriage
Phone: 615-280-1629
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Testimonials From Past Class Members

"Celebrating Marriage is vitally important ministry to us. Donn and Joy have helped us learn to understand each other more deeply and to communicate more effectively. Using their years of experience, God-given talents, and relationship with the Lord, Donn and Joy strengthened the foundation of marriage. We are truly grateful that Celebrating Marriage exists."

Medical Doctor, Newport News, VA

“We recommend this workshop to every couple. Having been married before, we were each determined to find the will of the Lord before we married again. The material presented in this workshop helped us to crystallize God’s plan for us even though we had dated for several years.”

A Nashville Attorney

“My wife and I had mixed feelings about participating in the classes. However, once we saw their heartfelt commitment to helping others build a strong, God-centered marriage, we became their biggest fans. We wholeheartedly recommend their ministry to any couple considering marriage or any married couple seeking a closer, more meaningful relationship with each other.”

A Christian Publisher

“Their insights into what we were to expect as newlyweds prepared us for issues we had not considered. Their understanding of in-law dynamics (you really are marrying an entire family…not just the primary object of your affection) gave us heads up on some issues that we come face to face with almost daily. I’ve heard that wisdom is applied knowledge. Donn and Joy have the kind of wisdom that comes from years of experience and a commitment to make the sacrament of marriage just that…sacred….”

Country Music Entertainers

“After 40 years of marriage and five children, Donn and Joy Moehlenpah have certainly had practical experience in the art of marriage. Testimonials from their students have been very positive. I heartily recommend this excellent couple.

A pastor

“Donn and Joy’s Marriage seminar helped to strengthen our marriage by teaching us basic, Biblical principles from Scripture and how to relate virtually everything to the Word. These are two of the most loving people we have ever come across in our walk. They are truly Spirit-filled to spread His love. I admire their passion to help people that are considering marriage and even the ones who are already married. I strongly encourage anyone to give them a chance to share with you the love and knowledge they have. Look at them, they just celebrated 43 years of marriage. What a great role model for someone to aspire to be.”

An Executive Chef



About Donn & Joy Moehlenpah

Donn___Joy_2004[1]Donn and Joy Moehlenpah are founders of a Christian Ministry called Celebrating Marriage for the purpose of ministering to couples before and after they take their wedding vows. They are marriage coaches who love to work with couples as they prepare to spend their lives together. They also like to come along side couples who have been married for awhile but are experiencing less than God’s best for their marriage and need some encouragement.

The Moehlenpahs named their ministry Celebrating Marriage because it expresses what they believe God intended marriage should be in all areas – A CELEBRATION. Their inspiration for this goal is from the scripture found in Proverbs 5:18  “…..to rejoice with the wife of thy youth…..” Over forty years of marriage to each other has taught Donn and Joy that the reality of life is a challenge to reflect this celebration. However, they believe there are safeguards that can be practiced and skills that can be learned to keep a couple close to each other and have joy in their marriage no matter what life brings to them.

Part of the celebration of marriage for Donn and Joy was to welcome five children and fifteen grandchildren into their family. Their church family life has been paramount in their lives. They have discovered through ministry and practical experience that the Bible, the word of God, holds the keys to all areas of marital satisfaction. Their careers have led them in various areas of service. Donn has served as an officer in the United States Air Force, as an executive in several businesses, an ordained pastor, elder, and chaplain. He holds a B.S. degree in Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and a B.A. in Apostolic Studies from Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota. Joy has been a partner with Donn in ministry and business, a homemaker, wife, and mother. She holds a B.A. degree in Child Study from Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri, Bible college credits and is a certified teacher and administrator. Both have attended numerous seminars and received specialized training in the area of marriage and in the use of assessment tools. They are both members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Donn is an ordained minister with the Global Network of Christian Ministries.

The Moehlenpah’s focus on the specialized ministry to couples began when they were asked to teach a Sunday school class at their church in St. Louis, Missouri in 1990. This class was a group of newly married couples.

A move to Nashville, Tennessee in 1992 further solidified the focus in ministry to couples in the area of marriage when Donn and Joy were asked to develop a pre-marriage preparation plan for Christ Church in Nashville, Tennessee where they had come to be involved. During this time, they worked with scores of couples before their marriages, teaching them in class settings and coaching them as individual couples. They used assessment tools such as the Family History Analysis, the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis and Prepare/Enrich. The results of these assessments were springboards for discussion with the couples regarding problem areas revealed in their relationship. These discussions allowed them to deal with areas of conflict before the marriage. About ten percent of the couples coached broke off their relationship and concluded they were not meant for each other.

Married couples’ workshops and retreats have been other venues for the Moehlenpahs to share their knowledge and experience. They like to emphasize conflict resolution through sharpening communication skills, how to deal with needs and expectations, and how to develop spiritual intimacy with your spouse as topics at these events.



Celebrating Relationships

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