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>>> Special Attention: Beware of a new scam going out to people with rooms for rent. If you receive an email inquiry from someone in the UK, just delete it, it is probably a scam. We have had several people report that they lost a lot of money to scams like this in the past, so don’t be taken in by a nice sounding email!


Residential For Rent                                            outside of Tennessee click here


HOUSE… 509 Singer Dr., Madison, TN. $900 month, 1000 sq ft., 3 bedroom, 1 bath, central heat/air, quiet, near I-65, 615-865-6203

Reddig Rental House June 2014 003


FOR RENT: private with own entrance; 1400 S.F.; pool; w/ use of full kitchen; kitchenette; garage, W/D; new carpet, flooring & paint; full private bath; split utilities; includes Internet; $600/mo; Antioch. 615-364-7081; deposit.



Commercial For Rent

None Currently Available


Looking For Place To Rent:

SINGLE MOTHER OF 1-1/2 YEAR OLD… looking to rent room from Godly lady, couple, or family in Nashville area. We are both energetic / extroverted, looking to be part of the family, help around the house, and grow spiritually. I play piano & sing. Will adhere strictly to a curfew of your choice. Looking for $350-$500 range (including utilities). Call 615-625-8472

ESTABLISHED QUIET STABLE CHRISTIAN MAN… in his 50’s with 9 yr old who visits often. Seeking basement or garage apartment or shared housing, etc. $495. Old Hickory/Lakewood/Hermitage area. Call 615-495-8559


Nation-wide Ads:

EDT CHURCH IN ELIZABETH, NJ… would like to rent church space to Seven Day Adventist Church for Saturday worship services.  Please call Lois at 610-438-1328. 9/2014






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