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To place an ad, call 615-984-4143 or 615-397-4253 or email it along with payment info to

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>>> Special Attention: Beware of  scams going out to people with rooms for rent. If you receive an email inquiry from someone in the UK, just delete it, it is probably a scam. We have had several people report that they lost a lot of money to scams like this in the past, so don’t be taken in by a nice sounding email! And do not send anyone money to help them come to your location.


Rooms For Rent    click here to view ads in other states


FRANKLIN, furnished room & bath, historic area. Non-smoker, no pets, $500 per month. 615-481-1910

ROOM FOR RENT, female, all utilities, Internet, cable, w/d, hardwood, ceiling fan with remote, $475.00 615-479-9923

ROOM AVAILABLE FOR MALE… in big house in Mt. Juliet area with a big yard, in exchange for assisting Christian male in wheelchair. Kitchen privileges, washer, cable. Salary negotiable. Call 615-754-7032

ROOM FOR RENT… Nippers Corner area. Male. $295 / month plus utilities. Call Scott 615-400-4912





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